Our Cultural Wine Heritage

Romans, Monks and Modernism

Viticultural for more than 1.700 years.

The Weingartmeisterei Maulbronn offers selected wines from the regions Stromberg, Heuchelberg, and the Kraichgau.

Jointly with our cellar master, four selections of wines of the highest quality are pressed and expanded. Enjoy the wines of the Weingartmeisterei with your loved ones, friends, relatives, and all those with whom you feel personally connected. Enjoy hours full of pleasure and joy.

Ora et labora

The Maulbronn community in its prime consisted of about one hundred monks who dedicated their lifes to work and meditation. Not solely spending their time of work to cultivating vines they excelled as well as stone masons creating beautiful buildings the world so much treasures. Gothic mason´s marks found at Maulbronn monastery are both bequest and testimony: they witness the pride these masons had in their achievements, are testimony to their artistry, their refinement and knowledge today still.

From wilderness a region of culture was wrestled. Milk and honey flow freely here – yet sophisticated wines as well.